In preparation for a commissioned oil painting, I researched and learned to make, and tube my own oil paint. I had been unsatisfied with toxicity of affordable, artist grade, oil paints for a long time. The paint that resulted less harmful to my respiratory system, and allows me to paint at home.
I performed many controlled tests to better understand the process of making paint. An oil putty recipe (courtesy of allowed me to get more paint from the pigment while controlling the ingredients.
Above, I tested several different brands of the same color, Ultra Marine Blue. This was to test the color and flow qualities of cheap, mid-range, and high-end oil colors against what I could make at home.
Below I worked to achieve color accuracy with paint mixed from raw pigments. 
The image with the four squares compares a vinyl collage (top and bottom left) with color matched oil paintings (top and bottom right).
Below: I built a glass pallet on a rolling cart, and organized my oils, powders, and pigments into some glass containers. I also did a medium sized test painting to make sure the new systems and paint worked well.
Finally, I built frames, stretched and primed a canvas, and made my painting. This painting was a trade for services. Believe it or not, this painting made it possible for me to pay off a $50k student loan balance.
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